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This site presents papers that scholars have submitted for publication in Economic Thought. You are cordially invited to comment on these papers.

Comments can range from short remarks to full reviews.  We encourage you to be frank, but polite. As a rule, commentators should give their name. If they fear hurting their relationship with authors, they can use an alias, which has to be clearly recognizable as such.

Editors will vet comments before publication to make sure appropriate and comprehensible language is used and that they are  directly on the paper at hand. Since the OPD plays a crucial role in the peer review process, commentators are requested to make substantive comments relating to the content of the articles that they are engaging with. Comments that either fail to engage with the material, or express an opinion (positive or negative) about the article without making a substantive contribution will not be accepted. Standards of fairness will be particularly high if an alias is used

Authors who have submitted a paper for open peer review are strongly encouraged to take part in this collaborative effort by responding to comments and by reading and commenting on papers of other authors. Where a paper is selected for publication in the journal and there is a comment on the OPD which takes the form of an extended commentary and is of sufficient quality, the editors may, at their discretion, decide to publish this commentary alongside the paper.

We thank all contributors very much for their time and input.

Papers under review

Complexity, Power Laws and a Humean Argument in Risk Management: The fundamental Inadequacy of Probability Theory as a Foundation for Modeling Complex Risk in Banking

Whenever risk managers are confronted with deep uncertainty and organized complexity, probabilistic inference methods are used. These seem able to allow for crisp inputs and precise results. However, as has been noted by several thinkers (e.g., Hayek, 1967; Weaver, 1948), …

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Posted for review 12 Nov 2019

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Consensus and Dissensus Among Economic Science Academics in Mexico

This paper reports results on consensus in economic opinions, scientific aspects of economics, as well as preferences and scientific activities, based on a survey applied to a defined population of economic science academics in Mexico. The results show that in …

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Posted for review 2 May 2019

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The Psychological Contributions of Pragmatism and of Original Institutional Economics and their Implications for Policy Action

The aim of this work is to illustrate the psychological contributions of Pragmatism and of the Original Institutional Economics (also referred to as OIE or institutionalism), and their relevance for improving the process of social valuing and then the effectiveness …

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Posted for review 13 Feb 2019

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