The Realism of Islamic Economics: Abbas Mirakhor’s Methodological Structure of Islamic Economics

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This article aims to explore and elaborate on the structure of the Islamic Economic methodology offered by Abbas Mirakhor. For this reason, this study applies an intertectual approach to some of Abbas Mirakhor’s works which are closely related to the methodology of Islamic economics. In addition, pairwise comparisons with texts that elaborate on the methodology of economics were also carried out, hoping to see the genealogical structure of the methodology offered by Abbas Mirakhor. Thus, this article is able to identify the unique structure of the Islamic economic methodology introduced by Abbas Mirakhor which lies in two aspects. First, intensification of the use of hermeneutics to produce substantive postulates of Islamic economics from sources of Islamic metaframework. Second, making substantive postulates as the foundation in verifying or falsifying economic experience. Thus, it is no exaggeration if Abbas Mirakhor is considered as the bearer of Islamic economic realism.

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